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Chicagoans on Twitter identify their Lakefront Trail conditions report with the hashtag #chiLFT, thanks to Active Transportation Alliance's campaign. Sign up for Twitter and start posting from your phone.

Water fountain finder

Fountain Finder for iOS helps Lakefront Trail users find all the water fountains (sometimes they're hidden).


Water icon by Giselle Pereira; icicle icon by Anna Weiss; wind icon by Megan Sheehan via The Noun Project.

Download a map

The Chicago Park District provides this PDF map.

Get Lit

Ride with a headlight at night. I recommend products from Planet Bike.

Chicago Bike Guide

Chicago Bike Guide finds nearby Divvy stations and get directions to cool places.


The Lakefront Trail is the busiest bike route in Illinois, and top in the country. It's 18 miles long from Ardmore Avenue (5800 N) to 71st Street (7100 S).